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If you have your own yacht and you know how much does she costs yearly this page will be interesting for you

What is the offer about?

Our company offers commercial management of your yacht in Spain.

What does it mean?

Your yacht will be transferred to Spain. Our manager suggests best place of her location. From April to October our flee based in Ibiza, Baleares. From November to March our fleet based in Tenerife, Canary islands. We provide all necessary documents and registrations for commercial usage of your yacht in Spain. After that we add your yacht to our database. You can choose type of charter such as bareboat or only under command of our experienced skipper.


  • Your yacht based in one of the best sailing regions and available for charter all the year
  • Yacht do not need money to spend on, but brings benefits
  • Routine maintenance providing on costs from charter
  • Yacht all the time in 100% good working condition
  • You can any time use your yacht on your own. Just make request in advance.
  • Yacht fully insured

Which yacht type is interested?

Statistics says that 90% of charter is on board sailing yachts from 9 to 15 meters, with 3 -4 cabins and not more than 10 years old.  We are looking for yachts according to this characteristics. But any way we can discuss even if your yacht have different characteristics.

Take a chance to use your yacht effectively. Economical model of share ownership is highly effective and succeed. A lot of big companies using this economical model. For example Airbnb, Uber, Sailo and many others.

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact us!

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