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  • Where the yachts are based?

    From November till March our yachts based in Tenerife, Canary islands, Spain. From April till October our yachts based in Ibiza, Baleares islands, Spain.
  • How do I know about availability?

    Please send us email or call. All data is in the Contacts section.
  • Does the company provide visa support?

    Yes our company provide official crew list for visa application after complete booking. Crew list is an official document which confirms your accommodation in Spain. This document valid for Spanish Visa only. Minimum duration of Visa is 30 days in 45 days period.
  • Does the company provides assistance in airplane voyage planning?

    Yes, our company provides assistance in airplane voyage planning. We suggest best rate airplane tickets with most convenient connections. Our managers have big experience of cooperation with low cost air companies. Our company provides information support only. You buy tickets yourself.
  • Which insurance type required?

    Yachting is an active sport. The most appropriate type of insurance is «Sport type». For visa application ordinary touristic insurance is enough.
  • Is the car rental available during cruise?

    Yes. For car rental please take your driver license and credit card with you.
  • Do I need previous sailing experience?

  • Is it possible to take part in yacht handling?

    Sure! Our captain will explain and show what to do and how. You will be involved in all process of yacht handling including work with sails and steering.
  • Children on board?

    Yes, from 10 years old and only with parents onboard.
  • Is the airport transfer possible?

    Yes. This is an optional service. Please contact us for details.


  • What should I do for booking?

    Pre-booking complete when 50% payment done. Rest 50% should be paid not later than one month before cruise.
  • Payment method

    We accept SWIFT money transfer to company’s account. Please contact us for details.
  • Discount for group booking?

    Sure. If you have group of 6 to 9 people we can offer you whole yacht booking on special price. Normally we make 20% discount for group booking.
  • Is it possible to book whole cabin?

    Yes. Please contact us for details.
  • What «security deposit» means?

    Security deposit is the amount of money that guarantees the payment of all repairs of damaged parts of the yacht and equipment after or while traveling. Usually 1500 €, divided equally to all crew. Fully refundable if the boat is returned without damage or loss. If there is damage or loss of any property, then at the end of cruise the damage assessment will be made. The recoverable amount will be deducted from the security deposit and the remained amount will be returned in equal parts to all participants. This is a standard procedure.
  • Which documents company provides?

    We provide a standard contract for touristic services with an electronic signature.
  • What does the listed price includes?

    Price includes: Living in 1/2 double cabin, Captain fee, using of dinghy, bed linen and final cleaning.
  • What does the listed price NOT includes?

    Price NOT includes: Airplane tickets, transfer from airport to marina and back, food, fuel and marina fee.
  • What is an amount of extra charges?

    Average amount of charges for one person normally not exceeds 100 Euro per week (food onboard, fuel and marina fees).
  • What if pre-booking made but I can’t join the cruise?

    You can send your allowance to third parties without any additional charges. We will just change the name on the crew list. If you can not go, and there is no third party to whom you can send your allowance, paid the down payment (50% of total amount) is not returned.
  • In which currency should I take money with me?

    Only euro if in cash. Also you can use your credit card.


  • What to bring with me?

    ● sunglasses
    ● cap / hat
    ● sunblock cream with a high SPF
    ● chapstick
    ● topsiders or shoes with non-marking soles
    ● trunks / swimwear
    ● favorite towel
    ● light long sleeve shirt (sun protection)
    ● soft travel bag
    ● pills against sea sickness
    ● windstopper, pants
    ● valid passport
    ● USB car charger

    ● headlamp
    ● yachting gloves
    ● mask, fins, hydro-suit
    ● personal first aid kit
    ● folding fishing gear
    ● Camera, Go-Pro
    ● music, music instruments
    ● earplugs
    ● driver's license
  • What DO NOT bring with me?

    Big hard plastic travel bags, high heels


  • How the cruise starts?

    ● You arrive in Spain on the day of cruise start (or earlier)
    ● Take taxi to marina or we can arrange transfer (optional)
    ● Check-in after 17:00
    ● When all crew arrived on board our captain will carry out short safety briefing. All the crew discuss provision list and buy it in nearest shopping mall.
    ● In the evening - light dinner, familiarity with one another.
    ● Night in the marina. Early morning we will start our voyage.
  • Who will prepare the food during the cruise?

    Normally the galley duty list to be completed in the beginning. Each of the crew members usually spend only one day to prepare food and clean the dishes during whole week.
  • What is in the kitchen?

    The yacht is equipped with a gas stove with two burners and oven, sink, refrigerator and a full set of dishes.
  • How many WC onboard?

    Yacht equipped with one WC. During the port stay all crew can use showers and WC in the marina.
  • How many showers onboard?

    Yacht equipped with two showers inside and one extra in the aft.
  • Which cabin types are onboard the yacht?

    The yacht has two aft cabins with double beds and two forward cabins with bunk beds. Two additional beds in the main cabin.
  • What to do onboard during the day?

    Wake up around 09:00, light breakfast. About noon we start the sea passage to our next stop. Snacks and wine available during all day. Normally we stop for swimming on the way to the next point. About 18:00 usually we arrive in the marina or drop the anchor. After that all crew have free time to discover new place and have dinner ashore.
  • Sea sickness. What to do?

    Seasickness will not make a lot of trouble. Just take the seasickness tablets with you. You can find such tablets in any drugstore.
  • Who clean the yacht during the cruise?

    All the crew responsible for the yacht cleanliness. It’s a routine daily job. Each of the crew personally responsible for cleanliness in his/her cabin.
  • And what about electricity onboard?

    Normal onboard voltage - 12 volts. At the sea, you can charge your device using USB car charger. When the yacht is the yacht club and connected to shore power onboard voltage - 220 volts.
  • Internet on board?

    There is no onboard Wi-Fi router. We suggest to buy local sim-card for your cell phone. Usual price is 10 EUR for 1GB of high speed mobile internet.


If you have any questions please Contact Us
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